You've reached my senior portfolio for my Sweetland Minor in Writing at the University of Michigan. I encourage you to first read my Evolution Essay and other works to familiarize yourself with my writing. Then I encourage you to to check out my Capstone Project, my first ever self-made magazine on the women of Juarez, Mexico and their stories.




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I think I became an activist writer without even realizing it. Ever since I was ten years old, I've wanted to become a lawyer. The concepts of justice, human rights, and morality have always fascinated me. However, it was only when I wrote my Evolution Essay that I realized the topics I was drawn to write about were almost always focused on socially controversial topics or human rights issues--my Capstone Project being the pinnacle example of the latter. Beyond my passion for writing and activism, I'm a soon-to-be Wolverine graduate who will have a B.A. in Philosophy and a Sweetland Minor in Writing. In my free time I love to swim, run, sing, play guitar, and spend quality time with my friends and family. After I graduate I will be working as a full-time writer for a law firm here in Ann Arbor. 


I've had some of the best experiences of my life here at the University of Michigan and they wouldn't have been possible without meeting the people I have. From meeting the love of my life, to studying abroad in England at Oxford University, to making friendships that will last for years to come, I have grown immensely both personally and academically. I believe the thriving collegiate environment U of M provided me enabled this to happen and I want to say a special thank  you to the professors and GSIs I've met during my four years as a Wolverine. I feel so lucky not only to have been taught but mentored by some of the best minds in the academic field. To those who encouraged me to push the bounds of my writing and thoughts and to those who always believed in me as a student, thank you.